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Poetry and Idiom Challenge - a learning app of Chinese Tang and Song poetry and Idioms.

Poetry and Idiom Challenge is a learning software that can help you better understand Tang and Song poetry, idioms and other china cultures.
It need user who has strong chinese word knowledge.
It arranges Tang and Song poetry and idioms in a word game. User can remember more idioms and poems in an interesting way. There are huge challenge with idioms.
The V1.0 version includes 10,000 idioms, 300 Tang poems, 100 Song Ci, 300 proverbs, 137 Zen poems, and 136 house mottos, covering most of the common knowledge.
Not only can you learn alone, but also let friends or parents and children have fun challenges together.
Software Features:
-Thousands of idioms make up the puzzle. After completing the puzzle, there will be detailed explanations of each idiom, allowing you to quickly become an idiom prince / idiom princess.
- There will be a detailed explanation of each Tang poetry and Song Ci after you complete the puzzle, allowing you to learn more in-depth knowledge.
-Interesting connection game, learning is not boring, full of interest and fun, and comprehensively improve the ability of your brain.
-You can swim in the ocean of Chinese idioms now.
-Continuously update more content to make it a great dictionary for learning Chinese idioms, Tang poetry and Song Ci and more.